The history of our eurasier!

"Fille" came into our lives at the end of the year-94. A wonderful little fellow and our first eurasier. We have had different races before. In August-95 "Affe" was born, a red wellknit male who moved to us in the spring of -95. Our interest of breeding this wonderful race began to bloom, so we bought "Aska" our first eurasierbitch. In the spring of -97 "Simba", brother to "Affe" came over to us from Norway. He was at that time 1½ years old.
The interest for the breed was huge. In the autumn of the year-97 we were with and started The Swedish Eurasierclub. Then our first import "Nuria" came from Portugal, who I am sorry to say we couldn´t keep because of illness.
In August-98 we had our first eurasierlitter and saved
IntCh SUCh NUCh DkUCh FinUCh SV-00 KBHV-01 NV-01 SV-01 SV-02 NordV-03 Leiionspitz Alischa. Alischa has meant a great deal to us and has charmed many through the years with her positive attitude and glow both within and out of the ring. It has helped to make many new contacts with both those interested in the race and puppybuyers.
September-00 we travelled to France to collect our next import "Rhone" who had to remain in another country before we could eventually get him to Sweden at the end of January-01. "Cera" who I can not forget, our fresh breeze, a female that loves life and who hardly ever has all four paws on the ground at the same time. "Cera" came to us in the autumn of -00 from Söskärs kennel in Ödsmål.
The next import was "Nefere" from France. She came in June-01 and was at the time 3½ years of age. She is now living in a new family as a petdog.
The summer of -02 we travelled to Europe and with us home from France was "Seine" or as we name her today Sani-"Sunshine" she was at that time 7 mouths old. Always happy and full of energy. We have now had 11 eurasierlitters and the interest of this wonderful breed is still a huge part of our lives. There are now 8 eurasier living with us and 3 eurasierbitches at friends. We also have three salukis "Zacke", "Tiger" and our newcomer "Myran" and a short cut Afghanhound whos name is "Hobbe".

Our dogs live with us and our children in our house, sleep in our beds, watch tv with us and run loose in our big fenced yard with a pond as the nearest neighbour, where they can take a swim when ever they please.

"Affe" and "Simba" is now living with friends as familydogs,
we do meet them often.